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Milwaukee Duct Cleaning Testimonial from Eileen

Date: April 01, 2009

Description of Work: The first appointment I set up didn't work out. The crew was at a work site before my appointment and called to tell me they would be considerably late because they had run into some problems. So I set up another appointment for the next week and they arrived a little early and got right to work. Two men came and cleaned the air ducts in the basement of my 50-year-old ranch. As part of the work they cleaned all of the air returns and the heating vents. They also checked my furnace to be sure it was clean. They were very polite and stayed on task. They finished in about 3 hours.

Duct Cleaning Reduces Dust

We always regret when we cannot keep an appointment, though we do everything we can to make the situation right. For Eileen, we called as soon as it became clear we would most likely be unable to keep our original appointment rather than leaving her wondering when we would arrive. Once we scheduled a new appointment, we did everything to make sure Eileen was left beyond satisfied with our service by providing a deep, thorough duct cleaning which resulted in less dusting for homeowner.

"I am very satisfied with the work. The two men were very efficient, with one in the basement and one in the main level. They were very good about being careful when they brought in their equipment and cleaned up both on the main level and in the basement. When they were finished, they showed me the filtration system they used and there was enough dog hair in it to make about 4 dogs. It was almost embarrassing, but now I know why I had so much dust in my house. I was dusting the wood furniture about twice a week. Since they cleaned it, I have only dusted once in about ten days."