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Commercial duct cleaning services in Milwaukee area

Commercial duct cleaners in Milwaukee
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As a business owner, you take great pride in keeping your workspace clean and tidy. Cleanliness extends to the entire operation, where the custodial staff is responsible for ensuring the floors, windows, and other areas of your business are spic-and-span. What about the air? Your employees and customers breathe in the air of your business day after day. Without regular cleaning, they're also breathing in dust, mold spores, germs and other airborne pollutants.

Air Quality Controllers provides commercial duct cleaning in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We clean your business's air ducts and replace air filters to rid your vents of dirt and contaminants. You'll immediately notice less dust circulating through your business and see a drop in energy costs. More importantly, you'll preserve the health of your employees and customers. 

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Clean Air for Milwaukee Area Businesses

The air you breathe needs to meet certain standards of quality. Too much dust in the air at your workplace can cause health problems for anyone inside. Our Milwaukee commercial duct cleaners have experience providing affordable indoor air quality services for many different types of commercial buildings, including:

Contact our indoor air quality professionals today to learn more about commercial duct cleaning for your business.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process FAQs

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

4 Money Saving Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Wisconsin

NADCA Certified Milwaukee Commercial Duct Cleaners Provide the Best Service

Air duct cleaning seems like an add-on leaving business owners asking: what's the value? Aside from the importance of employee and customer health, the benefits of commercial and residential duct cleaning in Milwaukee reach out to the life of your ventilation systems and equipment. The cost of commercial air duct cleaning is an investment in the health of your business. Professional duct cleaning extends the life and enhances the performance of air circulation systems, including:

  • Restoring Air Conditioners
  • Improving Exhaust Systems & Air Handling Units
  • Preventing Mold with Interior Duct Insulation Coatings
  • Boosting Energy Efficiency of All Systems

Improve Air Conditioner Performance Milwaukee

1. Restore Air Conditioner Performance with Commercial Duct Cleaners

Commercial air conditioners are designed in a variety of sizes to provide the fastest, most efficient cooling for specific building dimensions. Dust and debris build-up on your AC coils, limiting their ability to function and increasing energy usage by 35-40%. Dusty and dirty air conditioner coils result in higher costs for providing the same amount of cooling as clean coils.  

Milwaukee Commercial AC Coil Cleaners

2. Improve Air Handler Unit Filtering with Commercial Exhaust Cleaning Service

Exhaust systems, like air handling units, are one of the prime tools used for filtering the air and keeping your building properly ventilated. Commercial exhaust ductwork is another victim of dust buildup. The debris build-up causes fan and motor operations to become less efficient, requiring them to run longer and causing frequent breakdowns. Air handlers suffer from a similar problem. Dust accumulates on the heating and cooling coil, clogging it and worsening performance. 

Commercial Interior Duct Insulation Coatings3. Prevent Mold Buildup with Commercial Interior Duct Insulation Coatings 

As dust and debris build up in commercial ducts throughout your business, moisture is trapped in the fibrous glass material used to insulate the duct system. Moisture breaks down the insulation and promotes mold and fungus growth. A fungicidal protective coating applied by Air Quality Controllers will act to prevent mold, bacteria and fungus growth while protecting the liner from further breakdown. 

Milwaukee Commercial Duct Cleaners

4. Be More Energy Efficient at Every Location with Our Duct Cleaners

Having an environmentally friendly business is important, as is a sustainable and efficient air duct system. The last thing you need is to be losing money from a dirty HVAC system. Our goal at Air Quality Control is to help southeastern Wisconsin businesses clean up their ducts – literally. Whether we stop by one of your buildings or multiple chain stores, our job not only helps you keep the air clean, but improve the efficiency of your energy use as well!

The Department of Energy recommends all air ductwork be done by certified technicians. Our superb ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List prove our industry knowledge, while our low costs mean you start saving instantly. Air Quality Controllers is a popular choice for Milwaukee area business owners because of our NADCA certification. As a certified air duct cleaning company, customers count on us to provide the best professional duct cleaning services available.

Contact the best commercial duct cleaning contractors in Wisconsin at Air Quality Controllers for a cleaner building and lower energy costs.

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The Best Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Improve Your Indoor Air!

Duct Cleaning Restaurants Milwaukee, WI

Duct Cleaning for Restaurants

Duct cleaning for restaurants is an important part of maintenance and should be done on a regular basis. Read why duct cleaning is beneficial for homes and industrial buildings, especially restaurants. Any environment handling and serving food daily should be cleaned from top to bottom and inside to out to prevent bacteria, dirt and even mold from accumulating.


Air Duct Cleaning Hospitals Wisconsin

Hospital Air Duct Cleaning

Hospitals are an extremely sensitive environment and must have the highest quality of indoor-air quality. Air duct cleaning helps eliminate bacteria, dirt and mold which can accumulate in hospital ducts. Learn more about the benefits of getting your hospital's air ducts cleaned.


Welder working in clean air

Manufacturing Facility Duct Cleaning

Manufacturing facilities can experience many hazards without reliably clean air. Air duct cleaning eliminates everything from mold and mildew to pollen and dust. Learn more about how duct cleanings will improve your manufacturing plant.


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Retail Store Duct Cleaning

From local malls to corner shops, clean air ducts will improve the health and happiness of customers and employees. Remove mold and dust from your retail location with the professionals of Air Quality Controllers.  Learn more about how duct cleanings benefit your store.


Milwaukee duct cleaning for Schools

School Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your school's air ducts does more than improve overall air quality, It also creates a better environment for students and staff. Learn more about the benefits of air duct cleaning your school.


Condo Duct Cleaning

It's important to maintain the efficiancy of the air in your condo space so that your tenants are in a safe living environment throughout their tenancy. Learn more about the benefits of cleaning the vents in your commercial building. 


Apartment Duct Cleaning

The people under your tenancy deserve clean air that they know they're safe to live with. Make sure the air ducts in your apartment building aren't clogged with dirt and other debris. Learn more about the benefits of clean ducts in your building.


Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Do you perform industrial vacuuming services?

Yes. Air Quality Controllers provides overhead cleaning services, including industrial vacuuming. Regular industrial vacuuming keeps employees healthy and safe by improving your facility's air quality and preventing combustible dust fires.

How can I tell if my building needs the air ducts cleaned?

Excessive dust throughout your building is a major indicator of dirty air ducts. If your employees are constantly getting sick, your business is probably overdue for commercial duct cleaning. If you have been in your building for longer than 2 years and have never had the air ducts cleaned, or if your building has undergone recent construction, it is highly recommended to schedule professional air duct cleaning.

Do I need to close my business operations for air duct cleaning?

No. Air Quality Controllers will work with you to customize an air duct cleaning schedule most suitable for you and your business.

How often should I have my building's air ducts cleaned?

You should inspect your building's ducts annually for cleanliness. If your building has heavier amounts of dust or other harmful particles, it is recommended to have them cleaned more often. Our commercial duct cleaning specialists can evaluate your building and recommend an appropriate cleaning schedule.

What causes indoor air contaminants in commercial buildings?

Some of the causes of indoor air contaminants include return inlets near doorways, loading docks and high dust producing industries, improperly maintained filters on HVAC systems that recirculate up to 93% of the contaminants, and construction dust in an area of the building that circulates into occupied spaces (i.e. remodeling, additions).

Contact the top Milwaukee commercial duct cleaners at Air Quality Controllers for cleaner, healthier air in your business.