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Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in PewaukeePut a stop to the endless cycle of dust, mold and bacteria circulating around your Pewaukee home or business with professional air duct cleaning. With the frequent use of heating and cooling systems in Wisconsin, your family and employees spend most of the year breathing in dangerous spores and dust capable of causing or worsening respiratory problems. Create a healthier indoor environment with extensive air duct cleaning services from Air Quality Controllers.




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Benefits of Home Air Duct Cleaning

  • Removes allergens, mold spores, and other particulates
    • Healthier respiratory system
    • More energy
  • Removes blockages
    • Makes system more efficient
    • Reduces energy bills


Moving Air Moves Dust and Dirt

Air systems in commercial buildings are put through a lot. The system's abilities are taxed year round. Heat during winter months, and A/C during summer. Moving all that air is bound to move dirt as well.

Save Money on Energy Bills:

  • Energy usage can go up by 35-40% due to dust collecting on A/C coils
    • Dust, dirt, and mold buildup creates blockages
    • Fan motors work harder when ducts have restricted air flow


New Home Construction

Dryer Vents

Brookfield Home Construction Duct Cleaning Brookfield Dryer Vent Cleaning

Control Airborne Particulates from the Start

Calling all builders and buyers of new homes in the Pewaukee area. Dust and dirt unsettled by the process of building the home comes to rest anywhere and everywhere. But how to remove all that dust and dirt from the places you can't see, like the ducts?

When the house is being built, there's no climate control or walls to stop the dust and mold spores from entering the premises. This creates a much higher chance of moisture building up in your ducts. Add heat from the sun beating down, and you have the perfect breeding ground for mold, which enters your lungs and affects your health.

Protect Your Home with Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pewaukee

Dust and lint build up inside your dryer vents over the years of use. If left untouched, this buildup can put your home or business at risk of dryer fires. Unless you have the proper equipment, removing dryer vent build up is  a time-consuming and difficult task. Air Quality Controllers offers affordable dryer vent cleaning in Pewaukee to remove buildup and keep your home safe.  

Save Money on Energy Costs with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty HVAC systems operate at a fraction of their peak performance, racking up higher energy bills while dispersing allergens throughout your business and home. This is especially true for businesses and other commercial properties with insufficient insulation or improperly built air ducts. Keep your Pewaukee HVAC system running efficiently and keep energy costs down with our air duct cleaning and industrial vacuuming services.

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 Air Quality Controllers has expertise cleaning commercial air ducts to improve HVAC systems. Our services make it affordable and efficient to attain better indoor air quality in any residential or commercial property, including:

Decrease your energy bills and increase your health when you schedule commercial air duct cleaning from Air Quality Controllers.

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  6. At the traffic circle, continue straight onto W North Ave
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  8. Arrive at Air Quality Controllers:

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Client Testimonials

Milwaukee Duct Cleaning Testimonial from Pat

"The employees of Air Quality Controllers who came to our residence conducted themselves in a professional and polite manner. We felt confident in having them service our home while my wife and I were gone for the day." -Pat

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Milwaukee Duct Cleaning Company Provides an Unmatched Level of Professionalism

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service that Mark and Justin did in cleaning my air duct system in my home. They came and left with a very positive attitude: And they were very professional in their approach to their job. They answered all my questions with sincerity and offered suggestions as to what I could do to help with filtering the return air to the furnace. Also, the information about candle burning was very helpful."

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Milwaukee Area Duct Cleaners Were On Time and Exceeded Expectations

"Overall it went great. Joe came out the week prior and assessed my condo to make sure they could do it and came back with a date when the crew could come out. The crew called about 10 minutes before they were going to arrive (in the time window of when Joe had said they would be there) and they quickly went into gear and got everything setup and working."

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Milwaukee Area Duct Cleaning Review from Sandra

"I have used this company before, and this time, as always, I was very pleased with the work that was performed. They were 5 minutes late but called ahead to let me know. They worked fast, but very efficiently. The two young men were very pleasant, respectful, and informative. One worker (Mark) has been with the company for a number of years, and it was good to see him again - I knew he would provide me with excellent service. I was especially pleased when the company owner gave me a discount for being a "repeat customer". I highly recommend Air Quality Controllers, Inc."

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