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Clean Air from UV Light FilterUV lights and air filters remove airborne pollutants like bacteria, mold, and mildew from the air at your home or business. Air Quality Controllers carries a selection of UVC lights and MERV 11 air filters to eliminate and block bacteria in your air ducts. Installing UV filtrations systems kills viruses, bacteria & mold. A UV air purifier for HVAC is the best way to keep your home safe during the coronnavirus. Contact our Milwaukee IAQ experts today to start purifying your air.

Improve Your Indoor Air

ALTRU-V UVC Light Harnesses the Sun for Germicidal Irradiation

The sun emits several kinds of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The effects of UVB radiation are known by most people who have spent too much time in the sun. The common sun burn is actually skin damaged by the sun’s UV radiation. Less well known are the positive effects of UVC radiation. Most UVC radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, naturally limiting its effect on the planet. This radiation is deadly to bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. UVC radiation damages cellular DNA, preventing growth and inhibiting reproduction.

Harnessing UVC radiation and using it to kill unwanted biological contaminants dates back to 1903 and the technology has proven to be safe and effective. UVC radiation treatments are an excellent way to increase air quality and remove indoor pollutants in residential and commercial settings. The V-RES Home Air Treatment System UVC lamp kills 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, including Influenza A and H1N1, within one hour of air re-circulation in a home.

V-RES UV Air Purifiers from ALTRU-V

UVC lightALTRU-VUVC radiation lamps located inside air ducts expose large quantities of microorganisms to UVC radiation while keeping the building’s inhabitants safe from any negative effects. The circulating air inside a duct allows repeated exposure to the radiation for effective elimination of bacteria and other organisms.

The V-RES home air treatment system offered by Air Quality Controllers offers continuous disinfection in residential and small commercial HVAC systems. Both the standard 26 watt and high output 60 watt V-RES Home Air Treatment System options feature multiple safety functions to protect against accidental exposure to UV-C light. Family and employees alike will enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment when you choose the V-RES Home Air Treatment System from UltraViolet Devices, Inc.

Keep Your UVC Light Running Optimally: Maintain Clean Ducts

Keeping air ducts clean is vitally important to maintaining the V-RES home air treatment system operating at peak efficiency. A dirty duct can severely limit the map’s effectiveness. Dust covering the lamp will absorb some of the UVC radiation and lessen the amount bacteria are exposed to. Thick layers of dust may hide bacteria from the lamp, allowing them to pass by unharmed. We recommend regular duct cleaning services to eliminate dust build-up and allow the UVC radiation lamp to do its job.

If you or a member of your family has a weakened immune system, using UV light to neutralize germs and bacteria will make it easier to stay healthy.

Contact Air Quality Controllers for more information or to schedule installation for your V-RES UVC light today! 

Order MERV 11 Air Filters for Your Home

1" Thick MERV 11 Air Filters:

Change Every 30 to 60 Days

MERV 11 filter

Part No.




Case Price

Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat
19633 12/cs Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat 16x20x1” CALL OFFICE
19635 12/cs Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat 16x25x1” CALL OFFICE
12/cs Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat 20x20x1” CALL OFFICE
19643 12/cs Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat 20x25x1” CALL OFFICE
19645 12/cs Aerostar Series 1100 High Cap Pleat 24x24x1” CALL OFFICE

MERV 11 Media Filters:

Change Every 4 to 6 Months

MERV 11 air filter

Part No.




Actual Size

Case Price

2401.2101 6/cs Air Bear Model #229990-101 16x25x3” 15-3/4x24-1/4x3” CALL OFFICE
2401.2102 3/cs  Air Bear Model #229990-102 20x25x5” 19-3/4x24-1/4x4-7/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.2103 3/cs  Air Bear Model #229990-103 20x20x5” 19-3/4x20-3/4x4-7/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.3200 3/cs  Spaceguard #2200 20x25x7” 19-3/4x24-1/2x6-3/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.3400 3/cs  Spaceguard #2400 16x27x6” 15-3/8x27x6” CALL OFFICE
2401.4718 3/cs  Honeywell #FC100A1003 16x20x5” 15-7/8x19-1/2x4-3/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.4719 3/cs  Honeywell #FC100A1029 16x25x5” 15-7/8x24-3/4x4-3/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.4720 3/cs  Honeywell #FC100A1037 20x25x5” 19-7/8x24-3/4x4-3/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.4721 3/cs  Honeywell #FC100A1011 20x20x5” 19-7/8x19-3/4x4-3/8” CALL OFFICE
2401.5548 3/cs  White-Rodgers #F825-0548 16x26x5” 16-1/4x25-3/4x5” CALL OFFICE
2401.5549 3/cs  White-Rodgers #F825-0549 20x26x5” 20-1/4x25-3/4x5” CALL OFFICE
2401.6AC1 3/cs  General/Carrier #AC1 20x25x6” 19-3/4x25x6” CALL OFFICE

*All filters sold in case quantity only

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Air Filter Replacement Tips

Not sure how or when to replace your home air filters? Air Quality Controllers has some advice for keeping track of your filters. Where you live and the time of year will make a difference on how often your filters should be replaced.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Air Treatment Filters

What do air filters do?

Air filters prevent dust, pollen, dirt and other pollutants from entering your home through your vents.

Do UV light filters work?

A UV filter will not remove particulate matter but it can eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses.

How can I improve indoor air quality?

A professional air duct cleaner can improve your indoor air quality by cleaning your air vents to remove harmful pollutants and replacing your air filters.

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