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Milwaukee Area Duct Cleaning Review from Sandra

Date: December 06, 2007 

Familiar Duct Cleaning Service for Repeat Customers

For Sandra, having the same service from the same Air Quality Controllers technician is a sign of just how much she trusts our company. From calling ahead to let her know when we were planning to arrive to an extra discount, we treat all our customers with respect from start to finish. Whether it’s your first duct cleaning or your third or fourth, all of our customers are treated with the same level of courtesy and professionalism.

"I have used this company before, and this time, as always, I was very pleased with the work that was performed. They were 5 minutes late but called ahead to let me know. They worked fast, but very efficiently. The two young men were very pleasant, respectful, and informative. One worker (Mark) has been with the company for a number of years, and it was good to see him again - I knew he would provide me with excellent service. I was especially pleased when the company owner gave me a discount for being a "repeat customer". I highly recommend Air Quality Controllers, Inc."