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Air duct cleaning for public & private Milwaukee area schools

Air duct cleaning schools in Milwaukee area

Air Duct Cleaning for Schools in MilwaukeeThe Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Schools  

Wisconsin state regulations require schools to maintain their indoor air at a healthy level to help protect students against airborne disease and encourage a better learning environment. Air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning keep you up to date with the your ventliation system and ensure you're complying with local laws and rules every month of the year.

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Why Should you Clean your School Air Ducts?

Since most students spend about 90% of their time inside, they deserve a school with clean ventilation. Its your responsibility to prevent allergic reactions from taking place and maintaining a healthy space for both your students and staff. Benefits of cleaning your school's air duct include: 

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

+ Less Energy Costs
+ Longer HVAC System Life
+ Better Learning Environments
+ Natural Air Circulation
+ Daily HVAC Savings

If your HVAC has built up dust or dirt, its working harder and eventually the equipment will fail and breakdown. To save money and to have cleaner air flowing through your Milwaukee school, rely on experienced air duct cleaners.

Once we clean your school with the best cleaning methods and systems, we give you a before and after picture of our work. This is our way of proving how thoroughly we clean air ducts for schools. Air duct cleaning is our specialty. We have all the necessary equipment and over 18 years of experience. For better air quality and air flow contact an our indoor air specialists to get duct cleaning for your Milwaukee school!

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