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AC Coil Cleaning Services for Southeast Wisconsin

AC coil cleaning service inspects and cleans your AC coils

Cut Energy Bills Up to 30% With Regular Coil Cleanings

Modern AC condenser and evaporator coils provide efficient cooling. This efficiency can be compromised when the coil fans become clogged with dust and other debris particles. Clogged coils lead to higher energy use and lower system life expectancy.

The solution is AC coil cleaning services from Air Quality Controllers. Our team will completely clean your air conditioning system’s interior coils to avoid blockages and keep your systems functioning normally. The energy savings you’ll receive from this service will pay for itself.

Keep your home or commercial building cool and comfortable all summer long while enjoying the health benefits of clean air with Air Quality Controllers.

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Why is AC Coil Cleaning Important?

Clogged AC coils do more than lower system life expectancy. According to the US Department of Energy, dirty air condenser coils can increase compressor energy consumption by 30%. A number large enough to have a major impact on the energy bills of homes and larger commercial spaces.

The increased energy use happens over time when foreign particles, such as hair, loose fibers, and other irritating debris build up on the condensing unit coils and evaporator coils of your HVAC units. This debris inhibits the free flow of air through the coils, causing your systems to work harder to achieve the same required airflow.


Why Choose Air Quality Controllers for HVAC Coil Cleaning?

Providing Coil Cleaning for Southeastern Wisconsin

As a proven HVAC coil cleaning company, Air Quality Controllers provides service for homeowners and business owners in all major Southeast Wisconsin cities, including Brookfield, Hartford, Kenosha, Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Oconomowoc, Racine, Sussex, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Whitefish Bay, and beyond. Contact us today for service.