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At Air Quality Controllers, we understand our air duct cleaning services are more than just a trade. The duties we perform have a direct impact on the health of those living in your home or working at your business.

We take it upon ourselves to be as thorough as possible when clearing your HVAC, heating and furnace ventilation systems. Without the right company on your River Hills property, those with asthma or allergies could be at a heightened risk of irritation and infection.

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Our River Hills Air Duct Cleaners Keep Your Home Clear

Your Home. Your Air. Your Health. The more people in Wisconsin learn about the importance of air quality in homes, the more calls we get. Everyone knows to keep their home clean, but now the attention is expanding from just the surface to beneath the floorboards and behind the walls. Check out why air duct cleaning is an essential aspect of house cleaning every season of the year:

The experts at Air Quality Controllers don't just vacuum out your vents. Using the best technology and duct cleaning equipment available, your ducts are wiped down and sterilized to remove dust, destroy bacteria and to help prevent the overgrowth of mold before your next cleaning. When the health of you and your loved ones is at stake, make sure you have the best air duct cleaners in River Hills at your home.

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Businesses Rely on Air Quality Controllers for Employee Health

The world market is slowly seeping into local industries, oversaturating businesses in communities like River Hills with even more opinions and ideas about commercial air duct cleaning. Everyone seems to have an idea of when the best time to clean your air ducts is, but no one seems to agree. It can be hard to decipher who can be trusted and who can't when hundreds of sources are saying different things. Business owners in the area are tired of the arguing - they just want to know:

How often should you clean your air ducts?

Cut out the noise and turn to your local air duct cleaners at Air Quality Controllers. We've been providing nearby hospitals, universities, libraries and offices with the ventiliation cleanings they've needed to obtain and maintain the healthiest environment for their employees. Call us today, schedule a cleaning and we'll give you the facts about air duct cleaning and how often you should be have your vents cleaned based on the size and structure of your commercial building.

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Choose Our HVAC Experts for Easy Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning vents for residential buildings has been a basic component of bi-monthly checklists for property managers across Wisconsin. In River Hills, it doesn't matter if you're located near the Milwaukee Country Club, Lyndon Sculpture Garden or University School of Milwaukee. Dryer vents everywhere are at risk of starting fires when they are neglected and allowed to build up with lint. Instead of risking your property and tenants, call Air Quality Controllers.

Our air duct cleaners have years of experience with furnace and HVAC dryer vent cleaning services. From unclogging vents to unblocking their ventiliation systems, these regular maintenance services are key for helping you prevent the breakdown of your laundry machines and helping prevent the start of fires. Don't brush it off another day and contact our River Hills air duct cleaners today!

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Supplies for Air Duct Repairs & Replacements in River Hills, WI

At the end of the day, you may not necessarily be looking for air duct cleaning services in River Hills. If you're on the search for air treatment filters, you've come to the right place. Air Quality Controllers has an array of UV home air treatment systems and filters for sale! Before you schedule a cleaning, simply let us know what products you'll need and we'll bring it with. Our replacement parts and duct cleaning services are available for folks of River Hills and nearby locations, such as:

If you're not interested in our specific services and we don't have the products you're looking for, stop by your local hardware store and see if they have what you want in stock. After getting the replacement or repair parts you need, don't hesitate to call Air Quality Controllers for help during installation. 

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