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Allergy house cleaning service in Milwaukee area

Allergy house cleaning service in Milwaukee area

Put an end to sneezing and prevent allergic reactions with duct cleaning services

If you find build up in your air ducts after visually inspecting and if you suffer from allergies or other illnesses, then cleaning your air ducts is necessary to create healthy, breathable air throughout your home.

Large deposits of dust and mold create a hazardous environment for people with and without allergies. Air Quality Controllers wants you to have fresh air flowing throughout your home, so you don’t have any reactions to your allergies. With our experienced NADCA air duct cleaners your home air ducts will be thoroughly cleaned. After the air ducts have been cleaned we will show you before and after pictures of our work, to prove the cleanliness of your air ducts.

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Residential air duct cleaning is a huge part of our business. We’ve build a reputation here for being the best Air duct cleaners within the Brookfield and Milwaukee area. Contact us! For experience NADCA air duct cleaners who provide excellent customer service.

5 Tips to Prevent Duct Contamination and Allergic Reactions

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your air ducts you should take preventative measures to prevent further duct contamination. Preventing duct contamination in your Milwaukee home will be beneficial for you and your family’s long-term health. Follow the tips below to minimize dirt, mold and dust in your home.

  1. Install high efficient air filters. Air Quality Controllers has Cardboard Framed MERV 11 Filters, Media filters and much more.
  2. Make sure to change filters every 3-6 months
  3. Check frequently if filters are clogged
  4. Vacuum your home and remove dust. Use a HEPA cleaner vacuum with highly efficient filters bags.
  5. Have air quality controllers or your heating and cooling specialist clean coils and drain pans.

Dealing with Allergies in the Wisconsin Winter

If you have allergies during the summer you're also prone to allergies during the winter. There isn’t any pollen in the air during the winter but your household air could trigger allergic reactions. You should know what causes allergic reactions in the winter and how to control these causes. The list below are the most causal reasons for allergic symptoms during the intense winters in Milwaukee.

  • Dust
  • Mold and mildew
  • Animal dander

Keeping your air free of dust, mold and animal dander improves air quality and at the same time prevents allergic reactions. Installing HEPA filters and cleaning your air ducts will keep your family and anyone inside your home comfortable.

The NADCA technicians of Air Quality Controllers are dedicated to providing you with cleaner air. If you suffer from allergies during the winter or summer contact Air Quality Controllers today.