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Dryer vent cleaning for apartments in the Milwaukee area

Dryer vent cleaning for apartments builds in the Milwaukee area

Dorms, Condominiums and Apartment Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Shared Laundry RoomWhether dryers are located in-unit or in a common laundry area of your apartment complex, all it takes is for a single vent to clog and endanger the building. The damage from fire and smoke can make multiple homes unlivable. Air Quality Controllers NADCA certified technicians want to prevent these fires from even starting through our dryer vent and duct cleaning services at apartments, condos, and dorms.

The cost of air vent cleaning may deter some property managers, but the cost of a potential fire should be taken into account. Fires are more likely to happen in fall and winter, when dryer vents could be clogged on the outside from leaves or snow. Dryer vent fires in apartments and condominiums can leave long-lasting damage throughout all the residential units in the building. Learn more about the damage apartments, condos, and college dorms face from vent fires.

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Risks of Not Having Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Fire Damage

An active fire is a safety hazard for all the residents of an apartment, condo, or dorm. If you suspect a fire has started in your building, evacuate with your family IMMEDIATELY. One of the greatest dangers of an apartment building fire is being trapped inside. It’s better to get out early than risk being caught. Do not reenter the building until you have received permission from the fire department that the structure is safe.

A hot enough fire can destroy almost anything in its path. Even a small fire can cause significant damage to your personal belongings. You may need to find somewhere else to stay as the property is assessed. Even if your particular apartment was untouched, it could be hours, days, or weeks before you are allowed back in as the rest of the building is repaired.

Multiple Laundry UnitsSmoke and Ash Damage

Another problem caused by vent fires is smoke damage. Clothing and furniture upholstery might develop an odor while paint on the walls and ceilings might be stained. If ash from a fire is not removed immediately, it can create residue on the surfaces of your home. This residue is difficult to clean and can stain. All of this means an expensive clean-up is in order.

Water Damage

It may seem unusual, but water damage is a huge issue after dealing with a vent fire. Since each room is required to have a fire alarm and sprinkler, even a small vent fire in one part of the building can active the sprinklers throughout. The water used to put out or prevent the fire needs to be dried and removed as soon as possible. If not, mold may develop.

Stopping Fires Before They Start

While fire restoration services might repair some of the structural damage to the building, there will still be a lot of mess to clean after and insurance will only cover so much. For many apartment renters and condo owners, they may find out too late their rental insurance policy does not have the coverage they need.

While you might diligently check your dryer vent to ensure there are no clogs, other residents in your building may not be so careful. It has happened before where entire apartment complexes have been destroyed by fires from a clogged dryer vent. Air Quality Controllers will remove all lint and debris from your entire dryer vent system in order to prevent the possibility of fire.

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