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Dryer vent fire prevention in Milwaukee area

Dryer vent fire prevention

Dryer Vent Warning Signs

There are several warning signs indicating your dryer vents are due for cleaning. If your dryer is still producing heat but it takes an unusually long amount of time to get your clothes dry, a clogged vent is likely the culprit. Another indicator of a dangerously clogged dryer vent is when your clothes are incredibly hot and possibly still damp at the end of a normal cycle. 

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How to tell your dryer vent is in trouble

  • Condensation around machine, especially on the ceiling – This means the dryer is retaining moisture rather than properly dispersing it through the vents.
    More than a year since the vents were last cleaned - Air ducts should be cleaned every two years, meaning many families forget to annually clean dryer vents.
  • Burning smell during a drying cycle – This is a very dangerous indicator that there is enough debris blocking the vent that it may combust. If you smell burning, turn off your dryer to prevent a fire immediately.
  • Uneven lint trap – If the lint trap seems to only collect on one side or seems to have stopped collecting lint altogether, then lint is contributing to the clogged vent and becoming a fire hazard.
  • Feels hot after use – A dryer is meant to contain the heat it creates and discharge excess heat through the vent. If the machine itself is hot or overly warm to the touch, the vent is almost certainly blocked.
  • Doesn’t dry clothes in a single cycle or are hot and damp when removed from dryer – If the dryer isn’t drying anymore, this is a sure sign of a blocked vent. Unable to remove moisture, clothes remain wet no matter how long you set the dryer for.
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