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Cigarette smoke removal services in Milwaukee area

Cigarette smoke removal services in Milwaukee area

How to get the smoke smell out of your house

How to Get Ride of Smoke Smell in Home

Moving into an apartment, home or condo can be exciting, but if you keep smelling cigarette smoke in your house, your enthusiasm can quickly fade. If you're trying to sell a home, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke could deter potential buyers. The cost of an air duct cleaning could increase your home's overall smell & appeal to home buyers.

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Air Quality Controllers has been in the industry for years and knows how to get the smoke smell out of your house. While the odor of cigars can remain in your carpets and on your walls, your main concern should really be placed on your air ducts. If you smell smoke, chances are you have chemicals ruining your indoor air quality, including:

Carcinogenic Compounds Found in Cigarette Smoke


Used to make paints, adhesives & nail polish


Used as a fuel for portable stoves & lighters


Used to produce lead-acid storage batteries


Used as a rat poison & insecticide

Carbon Monoxide

Used to manufacture inorganic chemical products


Used to manufacture plastics, dyes & pesticides


Used to create insulation materials & embalming fluid

Hydrogen Cyanide

Used as an insecticide & in chemical warfare

Polonium 210

Radioactive isotope produced in nuclear reactors

The carcinogenic compounds and combustion particles in cigarettes have a way of clinging to the dust collected in your vents, meaning you will undoubtedly smell tobacco if you haven't had a proper air duct cleaning since the previous smoker moved out. Have a neighbor who smokes? Its even more important you stay on top of your ductwork to prevent the unnecessary and unhealthy build up of cigarette smoke in your ducts. 

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House Smells MustyIf Your House Smells Musty, Call Our Milwaukee Air Duct Cleaners!

A musty smell can be a clear indicator of past thirdhand smoking in your apartment, condo or home. If you have a family, the leftover chemicals produced in the smoke of cigarettes can put your health at risk. Don't leave your air ducts dirty and make sure get them cleaned as soon as possible to avoid any of the drawbacks resulting from cigaratte smoke.

The Effects of Cigarette Smoking in Your Home

+ Distinctive brown dust buildup in air ducts

+ Unpleasant smell spread throughout home

+ Lower home value

+ Increased Risk of Cancer, Sudden Infant Death Syndome & Respiratory Disease

Air Quality Controllers works quickly to get the smoke smell out of your house as effectively as possible. While washing the walls of your home and steam cleaning your carpet will also be essential for removing the odor, getting your air ducts cleaned should be your first priority to protect the health of your family or potential buyers. 

Stop dealing with the musty stench & contact our Milwaukee air duct cleaning company to remove the cigarette smell from your home!