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Prevent Home Mold Growth: Milwaukee Air Duct Cleaning

Mold Growth Duct Cleaning

Reduces Chance for Residential Mold Growth

Energy conservation is big these days. People save energy by using their air conditioning systems less often, opting instead to open windows and use the breeze as natural air circulation. This is a commendable act. However, human homes are not natural occurrences. This method of air circulation invites outside particulates to float around in your home and settle in the areas we forget to clean or find too hard-to-reach. Next thing you know, you're enduring the maladies caused by mold.

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4 Types Common Mold

Common Types of Household Mold

  1. Aspergillus – most common by far (most are allergens or toxic
  2. Penicillin – an allergen affecting many people 
  3. Stachybotrys – causes pain, skin inflammation, and respiratory complications 
  4. Cladosporium – known to cause skin lesions and asthma 


Ideal Conditions for Mold Growth

Summers in southeast Wisconsin bring humidity. Using the breeze to circulate air and cool your residence allows moisture to gather in the cooler places, like the air ducts and other behind-the-scenes areas. Why is this a problem? These are the ideal conditions for mold.

3 Things Mold Needs for Growth:




Mold Eats Decaying Matter
Bathroom Duct Moisture Mold Behind Air Duct Register

Food – dust, cellulose, and other particulates

Moisture – helps with the breakdown of foods

Time – reproduces fast using spores

Mold feeds on decaying and dead matter, which is exactly what comprises dust—dead skin and hair cells. Intermittent duct use allows dust to settle and gather. Then we turn on the air and stir the dust. If you’ve been cooling your house using natural breezes, cellulose from plant matter walls may also be present in significant amounts. As dust is circulated with the air through your home, it’s feeding any mold growth.

Outdoor particulates do not belong in your home. While particles would find their way into your home even with the windows closed (people need to open doors to exit and enter their homes, of course), there would be much less settling there.

Preventing Mold Growth in your Home

Having your ducts cleaned and regularly using your home’s ducts are simple, semi-annual ways to keep your home free from the health hazards caused by the mycotoxins of mold spores.

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