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Industrial Cleaning Services Milwaukee

Does Your Facility Need Professional Attention from our Milwaukee Industrial Cleaners?

As the list of regulations and potential safety hazards of industrial facilities continues to expand, many companies are adapting to regular overhead and industrial cleaning services. Air Quality Controllers is proud to offer our cleaning to services to any industry that wants a top notch cleaning service that offers superior quality workmanship.

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Industrial Cleaning MilwaukeeBenefits of Industrial Cleaning

Many employers tend to think hiring an outside cleaning service is a waste of time and money when they have their very own employees on their payroll. The simple truth is performing your own industrial cleaning means your missing a lot of the mess. In fact, typical cleaning methods actually spread dust and debris around, making it harder to remove. You're also creating an unsafe environment for your employees.

Those who are not properly trained in industrial cleaning often do not know where to look. Particles can get trapped on support beams, air ducts, and other hard to reach areas which are easily overlooked or missed completely. Air Quality Controllers has an arsenal of machinery, including lifts, which allow us to gain access to hard to reach areas. Our machinery is particularly useful in overhead areas where floating contaminants can build up in large quantities. Further, our trained technicians know where to look for hidden debris.

All business owners know asset protection is one of the biggest parts of keeping your facility running. Machines, heavy equipment, and other complex components of your workplace can easily become caked with dirt and grime. This leads to damage in delicate parts, creating unnecessary friction, facilitating corrosion, and impacting the overall productivity of your business in the long run.

Safety of your employees should be the number one priority of any company. Combustible dust is a major work hazard that can usually be prevented. Combustible dust occurs when tiny flammable particles are ignited creating an explosion. Industries which create this sometimes fatal dust are all at risk and should be cleaned by professionals frequently. Machinery infected with debris over time also certainly is not safe for employees to use on a daily basis.

Which Industries Benefit Most from Industrial Cleaning?

Some industries can get away with infrequent cleanings. For companies dealing with intricate machinery or combustible dust, professional cleanings are far more necessary. Here are a few of the top industries capable of producing a hazardous level of dust.

  • Grain storage industries: In recent decades large industrial grain elevators have been a source of many casualties because of improper cleaning. Buildup of grain dust that is capable of being ignited can lead to a secondary dust cloud explosion whose consequences can be deadly. Improved industrial cleaning techniques, governmental regulations, and the use of professional organizations like Air Quality Controllers have greatly reduced potential danger of working in these types of facilities.
  • Lumber mills or other industries that create sawdust: Sawdust is notorious for exploding when ignited in large piles. Because of this any industrial facility that makes a lot of sawdust, has large piles of sawdust or utilizes a large dust filtration system to collect said dust would be wise to use an overhead industrial cleaning service.
  • Other dust creating industries: When thinking of combustible materials sugar and titanium usually do not make the list. Yet, large explosions of both of these items have caused deaths in the recent decade. The list of potential materials capable of causing an explosion is almost unlimited provided the particles are fine enough, and they are in a high concentration. In fact, 281 different agents since the 1980s have combusted causing hundreds of deaths and injuries.  Don’t gamble with your worker’s lives. Even if it’s not on OSHA’s list of combustible substances, if you think that it could possibly pose a hazard please call Air Quality Associates and ask about our industrial cleaning services.

Other businesses besides those that create a large concentration of dust particles are also able to befit from a solid professional cleaning. Ductwork is notorious for gathering dust both inside and out and should be cleaned regularly. Ductwork happens to be one of our specific specialty services. Plants that have a large amount of intricate machinery where dirt can easily build-up on sensitive gears and other parts often give us a call as well. Are you having problems with overhead lights that are impossible to reach? Air Quality Controllers will bring in one of our specialized lifts to gain access to even the most annoying of areas.

Not sure if your business is a candidate for industrial and overhead cleaning? Why not give Air Quality Controllers a call for an industrial cleaning consultation.