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Air Duct Cleaning: Preventing Dirty Ducts in Milwaukee

Prevent Dirty Air Ducts | Southeast Wisconsin

Simple Methods to Prevent Dirty Air Ducts

Although professional air duct cleaning is a sure way to remove and prevent your air ducts from being contaminated, there are additional inexpensive measures homeowners can take to help reduce air duct contamination. Cleaner air ducts improve the air quality in your home or place of business and have also been known to reduce respiratory conditions and allergies. Cleaner air ducts in your home will also maintain an efficiently running HVAC system.

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Air Filter Recommendations

Prevent Air Duct ContaminationAir Quality Controllers advises customers to choose air filters certified by HEPA in addition to manufacturer’s recommended highest efficiency air filter. It’s also important to change air filters on a regular basis, according to manufacturer’s recommendations. In the event an air filter becomes clogged, it should be unclogged and changed.  If you are noticing clogging regularly, your air filter most likely needs to be changed more often. Be sure your HVAC system is not missing any air filters or has gaps around the air filter. These reasons alone could be leading causes of air duct contamination.

By meeting air filter requirements and ensuring they are properly fit and working will help reduce the amount of air duct contamination. When you schedule your next air duct cleaning, inquire about purchasing new air filters. Our technicians will be sure to have your air filter in stock at the time of your cleaning service and will replace your air filter(s).

Maintaining Standard Household Cleaning

Dusting and vacuuming are simple yet effective methods to reduce the amount of air duct contamination. By continuously removing dust and dirt from settled areas in your home prevents these contaminants from finding their way into your ducts. Not only will your house hold chores keep your air ducts less dirty, you’ll provide a cleaner, healthier home for your family.

Preventing air duct contamination also means protecting your ducts from any renovations or construction taking place. Whenever there will be an excessive amount of dust inside your home, it’s essential to seal your ductwork properly.

Avoid Moisture

It’s important to avoid moisture from entering your air ducts. Moisture can lead to mold which can create a very unhealthy home environment for your family. Moisture usually enters the air ducts from leaks in your plumbing. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system will help to identify and/or prevent leaks from occurring or spreading throughout your ductwork.

Schedule Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Having your air ducts cleaned is the most thorough and best option in preventing air duct contamination. Dirty air ducts recycle contaminants throughout your home. Regular duct cleaning will prevent debris from accumulating in your ductwork and improve your overall home’s air quality.

Allergy, asthma and respiratory ailment sufferers greatly benefit from having regular air duct cleaning services performed. Removing dirt, animal hair, dander and pollen means your entire household can breathe better. Duct cleaning services increase your HVAC system’s efficiency thus reducing your heating and cooling costs. Maximized airflow means your HVAC system is working at optimum efficiency. For the best air quality in your home we recommend thorough duct cleaning services every three to five years or immediately after all new construction.

Speak with a professional air duct cleaner today to find out which service may be right for your home.