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Wisconsin Dryer Vent Cleaning Important to Prevent Dryer Debris

How to Prevent Dryer Debris | Dryer Vent Cleaning Milwaukee

Brookfield's Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts Provide Tips on Avoiding Build Up in Dryer Vents

Restricting Dryer Ducts

Dryer Vent Cleaning

When a dryer vent is restricted, dryer debris has nowhere to go causing buildup to occur more often. Dry hoses are flexible and therefore tend to become restricted between the dryer and the outlet. You should check your hose often to be sure it is not caught up on anything and has the proper air flow.  Proper air flow will not only eliminate buildup, it will provide an increase in air flow efficiency, shortening dryer times and reducing utility bills.

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Dryer Vent Blockage

Dryer vent hoods get clogged often and tend to get forgotten about.  Lint, mud, dirt and other factors are the leading cause in dryer vent fire hazards. Bird nests are the top clogging agent when it comes to vent hoods.  Not only is it a warm place for eggs to grow, it's secluded from animals. So whether its lint or a nest, be sure to check your vent hoods often. Clean dryer vent hoods reduce the risk of fires while increasing efficiency for improved drying times and lower energy bills.

Crushed Dryer Hose

Due to the lightweight material of dryer vent hoses, they tend to kink and can get easily crushed.  Be sure to check your hose’s functionality on a regular basis.  Ensuring your hose has a proper air flow will reduce buildup, fires and increase efficiency.

Condensation Near Dryer Hose

Dryer vent condensation is a common household issue. Causing your home to be excessively humid and increase dryer times, condensation can actually damage your dryer. If you are experiencing condensation, the first step is to figure out where it is coming from. Below are some questions which will help determine the cause of your condensation.

  • Is your hose sitting level? Unleveled hoses create places for water to collect.  Realign your hose if it is unlevel.
  • Are there any holes in your dryer hose? If you find a hole be sure to replace it.
  • Is cold air entering through the surrounding area of your dryer hose? Insulate your hose to avoid cold air from getting in, the cold air combined with the indoor warmth will cause condensation. Caulking around the dryer hose and taping fiberglass to the hose with duct tape will help keep your hose dry.
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