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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Milwaukee Testimonial from CJ

Date: January 30, 2008 

Description of Work: The staff at Quality Air Controllers arrived on time and ready to work. They were polite and professional. The owner of the company, I believe his name is Joe, impressed me as being professional and honest. I felt good about hiring this company.

Making Things Right in Milwaukee

We truly believe in providing only the best quality at Air Quality Controllers, so when CJ called to say he was not satisfied with his air duct cleaning we set out immediately to set things right. Our NADCA certified technicians provided a second duct cleaning for no additional cost so this Milwaukee home would no longer circulate dusty air.

"The job went well. When I called the company a few days after the work was completed, I explained that I still had what I considered an inordinate amount of dirty gritty dust. Joe didn't hesitate for a minute. He set another appointment at my convenience to redo the cleaning of the air ducts. He did not charge me anything for the additional cleaning."