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Milwaukee Area Air Duct Cleaning Testimonial from David

Date: January 07, 2009

Description of Work : Cleaned all ducts at 2 furnaces and all vents throughout house.

Duct Cleaning for Older Homes

Whether your air ducts were just installed or have been around for over a hundred years, Air Quality Controllers can provide the exact cleaning service your Milwaukee air ducts need. Though David’s home had a hard to reach furnace, our professional technicians had the right duct cleaning equipment to clean it without problems. If your home has an unusual or older furnace and vent system, Air Quality Controllers can perform a thorough air duct cleaning to make your heating more efficient and your air healthier.

"We have a 100+ year old house that can be rather complicated, especially since the second furnace is in a small space in the attic and you have to climb on top of the shower to even get to it. They came out to give us an estimate and when the staff came to do the cleaning they were professional and friendly and did a great job."