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Brown Deer Air Duct Cleaning Testimonial from Karen

Deeper Duct Cleaning for Better Results

While many carpet cleaning companies claim they can also clean air ducts, they often lack the proper equipment of professional duct cleaners like Air Quality Controllers. Avoid being overcharged and under served with our professional duct cleaning for your Brown Deer home. We have a flat fee, so you know exactly what you will be paying before we start. Our courteous technicians are also able to answer questions about our cleaning techniques so you know just how thorough a cleaning your ducts and vents are receiving.

"I had a musty smell in my home, and recently the air ducts were cleaned by a carpet cleaning company. I wasn’t sure if I would be satisfied with the job when I saw the technician simply feeding the carpet cleaning vacuum hose down each register. This process only took him one hour, I was charged over $300 dollars, and the house still had that musty odor. It was apparent that I needed to have this taken care of by someone that specializes in air duct cleaning. Air Quality Controllers had two technicians come over and they spent four hours at my house. I was very impressed with the equipment that they used, how thorough the technicians were, and they explained every step of the process to me as they were doing the work. The musty odor is gone, the upstairs stays cooler when I use the air conditioning, and the airflow has increased. I am very satisfied with the work that Air Quality Controllers performed."