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Wauwatosa Residential Duct Cleaning Testimonial from Mary Ann

Healthy Homes for Wauwatosa Families

It’s amazing how something so simple as regular air duct cleaning can make a difference for your home health. After a professional cleaning from Air Quality Controllers, Mary Ann no longer had to suffer through allergies. If you are also taking antihistamines daily or feeling miserable in your own Wauwatosa home, a deep duct cleaning may be exactly what you need.

"We moved into our house three years ago in December and immediately I was plagued with congestion, asthma and a sore throat, taking antihistamines daily. Everyone kept asking me if I had a cold! I suffered for all those years until I was referred to Air Quality Controllers. It was incredible but all of a sudden I could breathe again! I was surprised that there was no mess and the crew went out of their way to be helpful. So don’t wait as long as I did to enjoy fresh, clean air!"