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Milwaukee Area Duct Cleaners Receive Positive Review from Sandra

Date: November 23, 2011

Description Of Work: I had 13 air ducts cleaned out.

Healthier Homes from Air Duct Cleaning

Sandra’s predicament is not a unique one. There are many companies claiming to provide vent and air duct cleaning who only clean the duct openings and leave dust, allergens and mildew in your air ducts. We take pride in living up to our name at Air Quality Controllers. Our NADCA certified technicians know how much of a health risk air ducts can be if not consistently and thoroughly cleaned. We were able to completely clean all 13 of Sandra’s air ducts so she would no longer have to deal with unhealthy dust in her Milwaukee area home.

"I called and they were able to schedule me in 3 weeks time. I had bought my house a year ago and had them done, however the guys explained to me and showed me with photos that the other company Never cleaned them. Once I started using my heat the dust, the air was so bad I was getting sick. Since getting them cleaned out the correct way, the air has been much better. I don't have dust circulating in the air. The air just seems fresher since having my air ducts cleaned. The guys were Great/Friendly. They were on time and Very Professional. They took the time to do the job the right way and took no short cuts that I saw. They deserve to use the name Quality in their name, because that is what they are a high Quality company."