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Brookfield Air Duct Cleaners Impress Homeowners

Date: October 05, 2011

Description Of Work: I had stopped off at Air Quality Controllers Office and spoken with Don Dorff about what was involved in cleaning our heating system and he explained in detail how they cleaned a heating system and gave me a 'service agreement estimate'. His explanation was very helpful and we called about a week later and made an appointment for 10/5 at ~8:30 am.

Thorough and Informative Duct Cleaning

For Steve and Carol, their air ducts should have been cleaned when their Brookfield furnace and air conditioning units were replaced. Since that was not done, Air Quality Controllers had a lot of ducts to clean but performed the task with professionalism and efficiency. From the very start, we were able to provide an estimate on a cleaning so Steve and Carol would know exactly what sort of prices they were looking at. Our neat technicians avoided damaging or marking the newly painted walls and wore shoe covers to protect the carpet.

"Note: We have a 2-Furnace Heating System - Hence our costs would be ~ less than double what a single furnace system would be. Our home was built in 1975 and this is the 1st time that the entire heating systems have been cleaned even though we had both of our furnaces and A/C units replaced in 2002.

Justin and Tom arrived ~ 10 minutes before our appointment and toured our home to review our heating system and explained everything that they would be doing. I had considered having the Blower units cleaned in each unit but upon inspection Justin showed me that they were not in bad shape and it was not necessary. (This impressed us!)

We had the following services performed on both of our heating systems:Duct CleaningA/C Coil CleaningOutside A/C Condenser CleaningSystem Sanitizer 
The entire operation took about 3 1/2 hours and was done in a very professional manner. Justin & Tom vacuumed all of the supply & return 'diffuser' grilles as well as any dust or dirt around the openings and on the carpet. They took great care when moving furniture and were very careful of our newly painted walls.We were very impressed with their very high level of service and would recommend Air Quality Controllers to anybody who is considering having their Heating System Cleaned." -Steve and Carol