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AC Coil Cleaning Wisconsin Testimonial

Description of Work: Don and Evan came out and clean all duct work in house and clean the AC coil.

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There are a lot of responsibilities for Wisconsin homeowners. Few realize the importance of having regularly cleaned air vents, and few still include their air conditioning coil for a cleaning. Air Quality Controllers is capable of cleaning ducts with over 25 years’ worth of dust, irritants, and allergens. This particular homeowner had been unknowingly breathing in moldy air for years. With our thorough duct cleaning, the air was fresh and pure again. If you don’t know the last time your vents and ducts were professionally cleaned, there’s no time to wait for clean air.

Date: November 28, 2007

"Don gave me a call about a half-hour prior to showing up for the job and said they were on their way. When they show up Don explained to me what they where going to do. They removed all vent covers and returns and vacuumed out ducts. Went through the basement to clean out all ductwork up to first and second floor. The ducts were dirty 25 years since cleaned last. The ducts came out clean and I could not believe how dirty they were. Don and Evan wore shoe covers to keep the white carpet clean. They vacuumed the carpets in front of vents to pick up any dirt that may have fallen. Don and Evan did a great job. The house was spotless when they left."