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Sears Air Duct Cleaning: Complaints and Reviews in Milwaukee

Sears VS Air Quality Controllers Air Duct Cleaning Services

Sears VS Air Quality ControllersMilwaukee Air Duct Cleaning Services: Sears VS Air Quality Controllers

Consumer complaints of Sears air duct cleaning services have a lot to reveal. With over 35,000 air duct cleaning reviews on the Sears website, its easy to dig out the reviews Sears is trying to hide. Comparing Air Quality Controllers and this national retailer certainly makes one thing certain: choosing between the two isn't hard at all. 

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Sears Air Duct Cleaning Reviews

"If there were zero stars I would have given them that. Hands down worse customer service ever. I scheduled service 8 working days ago, took off of showed multiple times with no calls. I have put over 12 calls into them with mangers promising me I'd  be the first stop the next day and guess what? they never showed!!! It's so unbelievable how a business like this stays in service. My rug is now ruined since the stain set in and I couldn't get anyone in time. Sears your the worst!"

"Terrible experience! I had to call three times just to get them to answer (they never returned the messages). We scheduled a carpet cleaning on Friday between 11am and 1pm, which meant I had to take time off from work, and, of course they never showed up. No phone calls. I called them 3 times to see if they were still coming and got no answers or calls back. Just a no-show with family coming in to town for the holidays. Steer clear of Sears Carpet Cleaning!"

Both reviews came from the Sears carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning page on YELP

Sears does not currently offer air duct cleaning services in the Milwaukee area and provides home services by sub-ctonractors. The more jobs these workers get in one day, the more they get paid. In other words, Sears indirectly incentivizes their employees to do rush jobs. 

In comparison, Air Quality Controllers technicians are NADCA certified and usually schedule 2-3 air duct cleanings a day. This allows our air quality technicians to do quality work and arrive at your location on time.

Were local, family owned, with 18 years of experience. For quality residential or commercial air duct cleaning contact us today!

The Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in Wisconsin

Air Quality Controllers has always been a step ahead of its competitors. Committed to service and quality work, you receive much more than air duct cleaning when you schedule us to stop by your home or business. Other than cleaning your vents, ducts and air, we have polite, experienced NADCA technicians who are committed to being punctual and providing top tier customer service. This Milwaukee air duct cleaning review from Sandra proves how we are much more than your regular residential air duct cleaning company.

Air Quality Controllers Review

"I have used this company before, and this time, as always, I was very pleased with the work that was performed. They were 5 minutes late but called ahead to let me know. They worked fast, but very efficiently. The two young men were very pleasant, respectful, and informative. One worker (Mark) has been with the company for a number of years, and it was good to see him again - I knew he would provide me with excellent service. I was especially pleased when the company owner gave me a discount for being a "repeat customer". I highly recommend Air Quality Controllers, Inc." - Sandra

The Cost Air Duct Cleaning in Milwaukee | Sears or Air Quality Controllers? 

The cost of air duct cleaning from Sears is between $200-$500. If the air duct work is over 3000 sq. feet you can expect the cost to be as high as $1000.

Air Quality Controllers has competitive pricing paired with better techicians, service and consumer-backed reviews. Every one of our customers is even shown before and after photos of their own vent cleanings so they see the real work we do to improve their indoor air.  

When it comes to your final decision, choose Air Quality controllers for the best air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and overhead cleaning in Milwaukee!